SOLID – The five commandments of good software

SOLID – The five commandments of good software

SOLID – The five commandments of good software

The SOLID principles. The five commandments of the software world. Forgotten for years, as developers focused on JavaScript frameworks with stupid names and complicated patterns. Not grasping that the SOLID principles transcend beyond frameworks and patterns.

The SOLID principles are the foundation of building good software. They are the breakers of monoliths. The decouplers of coupling. The squashers of regression bugs. One might even say that they are the creators of maintainable code.

Unless you already a believer, you need to attend this session and get on the right path. Chris, the bringer of SOLID knowledge, will go through each one of the principles, explaining what it means, what it will do for you, and why you should stop breaking it. You will even be shown C# code that explains how they help you, and what problems will haunt you if you ignore them and are faced with their wrath.

About the lecturer

Chris Klug is a developer-badass-as-a-service that either creates or solves problems depending on who you ask. He loves creating and building things. Whether it be a new application, a new kitchen or a new RC helicopter, you will see him building things all the time. Most of the time, that means writing code and solving problems for clients at a company called Active Solution in Stockholm though.

Except for the many days he spends at conferences and usergroups, talking about doing things he is passionate about, and for the days he goes mountain biking, IPSC shooting, kiteboarding or RC helicopter flying.


17:15 Evening starts with some mingle and welcome drinks.

17:30 Presentation

19:00 Sushi, champagne and other drinks

20:00 The end!

Since the seats are limited, we kindly ask you to cancel your reservation if you cannot make it so that others have the chance to join instead.






Norr Mälarstrand 22, Stockholm visa på karta

SOLID – The five commandments of good software

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